The Raw Carrot

The raw carrot was part of Dave’s fancy pants lunch with new friends that Hannah didn’t get to go on.  Stupid carrot.

The raw carrot made Dave’s tummy feel funny the next morning.  Hee hee, good trick carrot.

The raw carrot gave Dave digestive distress.  The raw carrot made Dave call in sick for the first day of language class.  The raw carrot made Dave hang out in the bathroom all morning.  The raw carrot made Dave sack out for about 6 hours of the day.  Raw carrot = a monstrous case of dysentery.  Oooo uncool carrot.

Since Dave was sick, the raw carrot made Hannah cancel the house helper for the day. The raw carrot gave our baby diaper pyrotechnics. ( It probably wasn’t the raw carrots fault about the baby, but I’m blaming it.)  The raw carrot made the baby blow out a diaper during nap time, all over bed, blankets, and baby.  The raw carrot left Hannah to scrub poo off the baby and clean poo from the soggy wet Nepali bathroom. Ewww gross carrot.

The raw carrot made Hannah do 4 loads of messy bedding and diapers laundry.  Since the raw carrot made Dave too sick to do anything, the raw carrot made Hannah call in to the first day of language school too, so she could take care of the sloppy baby.  The raw carrot made Hannah wish for Febreeze. The neighbor brought Dave special, tasty, Nepali rice pudding because he ate the raw carrot and not Hannah. Not fair carrot.

The raw carrot blew the fuse on our inverter, over flowed our washing machine and basically ruined the whole stinking day. Darn you carrot.

If you come to Kathmandu, I suggest not eating the raw carrot.