The Family Planning Poem

I’ve noticed is this weird trend where my favorite bloggers seem to disappear and then reappear with a cute little sonogram photo to show for their absence.  Our story is kind like that, but… since we currently have no photo we thought we’d write a poem instead.

The Family Planning Poem

We have these two cute and crazy kids, a beautiful girl and boy,
they drive us kind of bonkers, but fill our hearts with joy.

We thought ‘hey, two is enough since these ones bring us so much glee’,
and so with over population, urban crowding, limited resources ect. we decided to get a vasectomy.

When we got to Nepal we found just the guy,
he came well recommended and his fees weren’t that high.

The doctor was an ex-pat surgeon. He’d done this thing before, so we certainly weren’t the first.
It would all be legit, in an operating room, and even a surgical nurse.

So the job was complete, and also our family.
Nepal even paid for most of the thing, not a bad deal for $3.50.

Our surgeon was confident he did the job right, no need for a follow-up test.
Who were we to argue with the doctor, we didn’t want to be a pest.

This ‘no follow-up’ gave Dave a weird vibe, but he trusted the Dr. to know best.
Months later we did follow up…. with a positive pregnancy test.

You’d think we’d have a handle on birth control after 8 years, 2 kids, and a medical degree.
But it also probably should have been a red flag that there was only a $3.50 fee.

It wasn’t all that funny at first but now it is starting to be,
and about six months from now we will be welcoming #3!

So soon our family will be five, January 19th or so is the call.
We know this one will be special. He/she has gone through some incredible odds to be born here in Nepal!

Pretty psyched about a family of five. January 2014.

Pretty psyched about a family of five. January 2014.