The Final Countdown

We will have our lap belts buckled, holding a squirmy 1 year old as the flight attendants ready the cabin for take off in 3 days and 20 hours.  That description might be a bit of a terrifying image but I gotta admit it is sounding pretty good to me right now.  I’m looking forward to checking in our bags and then having nothing else to do but get to Nepal.

I’m finding a brief moment to blog in this last few days of crazy so for readability sake I will use handy efficient bullets to organize my  jigsaw thoughts into a little postlet puzzle.

  • Alright so business first, this Sunday anybody in the ROC area is welcome at North Ridge church on St. Paul (and the Greece Ridge Regal).  Our church family is doing a little ‘pray us on our way thing’.  8:30 (early right, but we will  be there) and 11.  Come if you can.
  • We have been living with our incredibly gracious friends Jon and Emily Hinman for the past few weeks.  They have put up with the child bombs that we dropped in their home that have left a residue of clothes, toys and crumbs on every surface.  I’m beyond grateful for you guys, enough to give a public shout out on the interweb.
  • Jon and Ems house in on a cul de sac surrounded by homes that contain massive amount of children, three of which are exactly the same age as our son.  Fun for him, more bike riding and Lego playing than he can handle, fun for me, at least one child is amused while I slug through the heaps of our stuff to jam into bags and loose ends to tie up.  Lots of new little friends was a welcome gift for a little boy missing home and his best friend Levi.
  • Despite the busyness (or maybe because of it) meltdowns abound, and I don’t just mean our kids.  Prayers for simply keeping it together for the next few days would be much appreciated.  Oh and also prayers for the 18 hour flight.  I’m not worried about another country at this point so much as I’m worried about 18 hours with cranky kids that won’t sleep who have to be strapped into a bucket seat in a enclosed cylinder over the ocean.  Pray for sleeping children, the correct benadryl doses and friendly stand in grandparents in the seats around us.
  • We’ve made an attempt to have special family time with our parents before we leave which equals homemade sauce night with my mom and Letchworth (the Grand Canyon of the East) camping with Dave’s family.  Some one recently asked me, “How can you do this to your children?” meaning take them overseas.  I was unsure how to answer that question at first but spending time with our parents has given me a better idea.  Our families recognize that there are really important things to do while we are here on the earth and they are willing to send their kids (and grandkids) to go get it done.  I’d like to think we are just following their example as parents, doing for our children what our parents did for us, setting the priorities right.

We may have an opportunity to post before we head out, if not the next post you read will be published from Nepal!