The Language (Mis)Files

We posted awhile ago about our language learning adventures, and I am proud to announce we have offically finished out Language Orientation Program!! **applause** While Dave seems to be getting a handle on language, mine still seems to spew out in uncontrollable bursts.  I am often greeted with funny looks or a well-meaninge laugh in my face.  But I hold no bitterness, and admit that my language mix-ups have been quite deserving of a laugh.   Here are some of the more memorable ones;

What I meant to say:  “I’m going to buy eggs this afternoon.”
Our Didi: “Really? do you do that in your country?”
Me: “Oh yes, we buy eggs all the time.”
What I actually said:  “Later today I will play with my eggs.”

What I meant to say:  “Please give me two plates of chicken momos.”
What I actually said:  “I’d please like momos made out of dog.”

What I meant to say: “Can you tell me how to get to Nangalo’s restaurant?”
What I actually said: “Where is the naked restaurant?”

What I meant to say: “My son is sick.”
What I actually said: “My bird is an invalid.”

Dave’s discharge instruction to a patient: “Don’t eat cigarettes”

What I meant to say:  “Please give me two kilos of grapes.”
What I actually said: “I’d like a two kilo pig.”

So anyway,  I’m sure there will be more mistakes to come as I seem to make these errors daily.  In my defense many of the words are similar, on the other hand I do have an  tendency to blurt out, unfiltered whatever pops into my head, a challenge I face in English as well.   Oh well. What to do? as the Nepalis say.  I can only get better right? For now I guess I’ll just post my errors on the internet for all to enjoy.