The Flight by numbers

So we have arrived safely in Nepal, stumbling in to our hotel at about 12AM Tuesday morning. We thought that we would give you a recap on the travels … by the numbers.

11– Bags checked in Rochester NY
1000– Dollars spent on checking baggage (Suprise! International flights are way MORE than $50 a bag! Shame on us for not figuring that out ahead of time)
16– Hours in the air from JFK to Hong Kong via the North Pole
0– Winners of bet between Hannah and Dave as to wether we were flying East or West
25– Consecutive hours of daylight experienced(not the best sleeping atmosphere)
2– Hours of GI distress experienced by our daughter
6– Outfits our daughter went through during those 2 hours
1– Distressing “is there a doctor on the plane” call
1– Doctors actually on the plane (Oh! guess that’s me…)
1 – Ill, non-english speaking, fellow passenger
3 – Worried, non-english speaking family members
5 – Crew members, translators and other interested parties
800– Milligrams of Ibuprofen it took to get rid of Dave’s migraine headache accompanied by vomiting
3– Persons vomit Dave had to deal with
1– Pairs of jeans ruined by excessive vomit
12 (or more)– Lego creations by our son
2– Zac Effron movies watched by Hannah
4– Chess matches Dave won against the computer
6– Total hours of sleeping children
3– Total hours of sleeping parents
9– Cups of coffee consumed by said parents
5– Hour layover in Hong Kong
2– Bags of Goldfish crackers consumed by children
9:45– Hours difference between Rochester NY and Nepal
11– Bags arrived in Kathmandu (much to our grateful surprise)
4– Porters it took to carry our bags for us in Kathmandu
5– False starts by our son trying to get on escalator (he eventually gave up and slowly scooted forward until it took him away)
4– Total take off and landings
4– Countries we traveled through
34– Consecutive hours of travel from Gates NY to Kathmandu Nepal
12,000– Miles travelled from Rochester to JFK to Hong Kong to Dhaka to Kathmandu
4– Passport photos taken on arrival (see below)

Thank you for all of you who prayed us through our journey. We are currently sitting in our flat in Kathmandu blogging by candlelight. We will post this when the power comes back on.  Enjoy our post 34 hours of travel mug shots!