The Ex-pat Life of a 5 Year Old

We actually brought two kids with us to Nepal.  Here the scoop on the other one;


He is in his 5 year old boy glory with all the insects, snakes and mud puddles.

He introduces himself by asking others, what country they are from, what country they live in and what languages they speak.


He has added ‘mountain man’ to his ever growing list of future careers.


He loves the Nepali kid’s penchant for climbing trees.


He touts his few practiced Nepali phrases to anyone he meets in the street. ‘Welcome! How are you?’ ‘I’m fine, today is a nice day.’ ‘My country is America.’

He once went on a month long refusal to eat rice (which is all we eat here).


He suggests he should speak to a Nepali engineer about building sidewalks.

He is a fiend for Nepali style ramen noodles.

He wonders about his friend Simran’s other god, and why her mom got so mad when they knocked it off the shelf.


He asks whether Nepalis think they are the only ones in the world like Americans do.

He wants to know why Nepalis put out food and light candles for their gods but why their gods don’t love them.

He is a third-culture kid.


6 thoughts on “The Ex-pat Life of a 5 Year Old

  1. So handsome and grown up (grown up as a relative term). I still remember him as the 2 year old that Shannon nanny’ed for.

  2. I love seeing a third world country through his eyes – reminds me of how I saw and experienced Haiti! It was probably much more positive for me as a 5 year old than it was for my 30 and 37 yr old parents, per Dave’s last post. Some may think it was naive and irresponsible to take your young kids to an undeveloped country but I’m so proud of you for doing it anyways! This is going to change their lives forever, in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

  3. Another awesome post. My youngest daughter and her 3 yr old son are planning on coming next year to live with me here and I love your post. My oldest daughter and her daughter and husband lived with me in Venezuela and I agree with RachelS that it is something that is an amazing opportunity. Thanks for posting.

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