The Ex-pat Life of a Two Year Old

Being 2

We brought a 17 month old with us to Nepal and we now have a 2 year old, which means….

She has lived more than a quarter of her life in Nepal.

She refers to herself as ‘nani’ (little girl). “Nani, go!”, “Nani, up!”

She knows her eyes, nose, mouth and ears in both English and Nepali.

She refers to all Nepali woman as Didi.

She loves our Didi and will follow her around the house with a broom saying, ‘Sahffa, Sahffa’ (clean, clean).

She has been known to hug the goats on the side of the road. (Puppy!)

She will discerningly give the Namaste greeting to those who speak Nepali and not to those who she thinks speak English.

There are kids in her play group from Norway, India, UK and US.

She will bust out her Bhangarha moves anytime she hears Nepali music.

She can kill a Nepali Chia in no time flat.


She has become a great traveller, grabbing her blanket and backpack for the long bus and plane rides.

Sleeping it off

She owns the momo eating record for our family.

She is a Third-Culture Kid!

Heading home!

8 thoughts on “The Ex-pat Life of a Two Year Old

  1. aw, baby Ellis! Not so much a baby anymore! But I still wanna squeeze her!!! So glad to hear she’s doing so well over there. I told you that little girl would surprise you! The world is her burrito! =)

  2. Oh I’m all teary eyed and choked up. It doesn’t help that there is a movie playing sad wistful music in the background right now. :-) I love the pictures. She looks a lot like Hudson in the first one, only the girl version with a little more baby chub. I hate to be missing all this. I really wish I could give a big hug, to each of you. I’m so happy she’s adapting we’ll. really really miss you all. Happy Birthday baby girl!

  3. Being a TCK is the best! What a great bond she’ll have with her cousins even though they’re on different continents! Thank you for the pictures even though it isn’t the same as being able to celebrate in person. Love you guys. :)

  4. It’s an amazing experience you are giving your baby. My two German boys, 4 years and 16 months old, are growing up in Africa. Yesterday we were suddenly surrounded by a flash mob, beating a guy unconscious. Normally the town is very civilized. We have most western comforts right here. Now imagine me sharing this in the shop 10 min later, knees still shaking, while buying baby clothes. the sales lady just shrugs, saying: He probably stole something. Working abroad and raising kids takes so much extra wisdom and sensitivity. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Would love to hear more!

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