The Update

The most recent update on destination Nepal (or The Nupdate if you will).

We have officially been accepted with United Mission to Nepal (the agency that runs the hospital where Dave will be working).   We had conditionally been accepted pending a psychological evaluation on each of us to determine if we have any hidden inner crazy that will come prancing out in the open when we are plopped down in a different country.  We took these T/F exams with about 500 question ranging from, Do you read motorcycle magazines? to Do you want to kill yourself?  Then we were interviewed individually for an hour (or 2 in my case) and asked all sort of questions such as, Do you read motorcycle magazines? and Do you want to kill your spouse?. I am happy to report, much to my surprise,  that neither Dave or I have any psychopathology, which basically means neither of us have any hidden crazy that they have a diagnosis for.  We have both been cleared to live in another country without having a mental breakdown, dah dee dah daaaah.

Despite our lack of diagnosable crazy the one thing the psychologist did say to us was; “The results of your analysis showed, you guys are really different from each other.”  Hmmm, yeah well oddly enough after 8 years together we’d kinda worked that out on our own actually.  Despite not being new news it was affirming to hear someone else say it.  All those times that I’ve talked till I turn blue and he just looked at me like he didn’t understand a word I said,  it was because he didn’t understand a word I said.

The tests we took and the interviews were meant to measure psychological diagnosis but they also determined your styles of communication, social interaction, and emotional processes.   Apparently I scored in the 99th % for abstract, obtuse, speculative thought process and Dave scored just about as high for concrete, logical, factual thought process.  Dave interprets information through known paradigms, direct experience and I interpret information more creative, innovative, and outside of established perspectives.  Not the same, not the same at all.

Meh, so were not the same, but that isn’t always a problem.  I’m there to break Dave out of the box and Dave is there to keep me from floating away.  It is nice to be part of a team that has the ability to see the whole picture and from different angles too.

Long post to announce… we are confirmed to go to Nepal!  We don’t have firm travel plans now but it looks like the dia de departure is somewhere between September 16 and September 30.

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