The Good Reads

Where is Nepal? You had to look it up right?  Well so did I, and I am pleased to report that it is in Asia, more specifically sandwiched between China (Tibet) to the North and India to the south. In addition to the map, I’ve been devouring any books, articles, research (even a Bhutanese refugee here and there) on Nepal.

Here are a couple that I especially liked.  Both of the authors seemed like old friends I’d never met.

On the Far Side of Liglig Mountain: The Adventures of an American Family in Nepal by. Thomas Hale

An old school book about two American doctors dragging their two young children to Nepal to practice medicine (sound familiar? except for the two doctors part).  Nepal is a different place now after a civil war in 2006, but the medical issues and the family adventures I imagine to be quite the same.



Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal by. Conor Grennan

I originally thought it would be similar to Three Cups of Tea, and in a way it was, but without the whole imposition of western education thing.  Also, it was the story of the old friend I’d never met, actually doing something when placed in a situation that just isn’t right or fair.  It is also a tiny peep hole to the massive trafficking issues in Nepal which affect not only children removed from their families, but men, woman and girls trafficked within Nepal to other countries.

So in the spirit of a good ol’, Reading Rainbow book recommendation, if you have time for some summer reading, check these out at your local library (or your e-reader).

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